Problems faced by the Senior Citizens in Jammu and Kashmir: A Study of District Bandipora

Every human being goes through the biological process of ageing. This process starts at birth and ends with death. Ageing is a lifelong process of growth and development that starts in childhood, continues through maturity, and finally comes to an end with a person’s death. We are living in this busy world, and it is the duty of each and every young one to spend a little time with our elders: patient listening, loving talks, and careful attention can relieve many of their psychological problems. Traditionally, the care of old age people has been the duty of the family, but as it may new patterns have developed to change the family structure which has reduced the capacity of this foundation to fill in as the security net for the less privileged people. The development of the nuclear family has drastically altered the way people live. In the above context, a study was conducted to highlight the problems of the elderly people residing in the family as well as highlight their health issues in district Bandipora. The sample of elderly men and women was selected using the “Purposive sampling” technique. The data was collected by using the Interview schedule and observation technique through a household survey and above 60 years of age was the criteria for sample selection. Results of the study revealed that elderly people are facing health, economic and psychological problems and they felt that the attitude of the younger generation is unsatisfactory towards them.