Recapitulation of Rape: A Spatial and Temporal analysis of Rape in West Bengal, India

Rape is one of the burning issues in India, but rape victims are the most ignored ones. Needless to say, victims are the product of victimization. The victimization has a deep impact in the life of a victim and our society too. The prime focus of this paper is to emphasize on the spatial differences of rape in West Bengal the and position of this State in India through the lens of the crime statistics from 2014 to 2019. In this research, data have been collected from secondary sources like National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) to explore the propensity of rape cases in West Bengal. The collected data have been analysed both in qualitative and quantitative ways. This study reveals some significant findings that while overall rape rate is declining, attempt to commit rape have been increasing in a big way. In West Bengal, mostly adult women, i.e. women above the age of 18 years are targeted as prey for rape and above 70% of such victims know their offenders. Spatial distribution shows that the districts of North Bengal are quite safe compared to the districts in South Bengal.