The status and Types of Haemoglobin among the Toto Community in West Bengal, India

A large number of populations are suffering from haemoglobinopathies including tribal populations. Sickle-cell-anaemia and Thalassemia are two major genetic mutations in human haemoglobin. Toto is one of the PVTGs in India, living under the foothills of Himalayan region in the Indo-Bhutan border. The objective of the paper is to find out the status of haemoglobin and the types of haemoglobins found among them. CBC and HPLC tests were performed by collecting blood samples from 114 genetically unrelated couples from the community. On the basis of CBC test inferences were drawn that 72.4% individuals have normal blood haemoglobin and 23.2% people have low blood haemoglobin. Different types of haemoglobin like HbF, HbA2 and HbA are also found from HPLC test. Where, 63.6% have HbF and 100% have HbA in low range, 12.3% have HbF and 69.3% have HbA2 in high range, and the rest are normal. From both the tests it is seen that 49.1% people have HbE heterozygous, 19.7% have HbE homozygous type. In conclusion it can be said that besides having HbE type of haemoglobin among the studied population they have very good haemoglobin status and good health.