Traditional Medicines of the Chakma community: Synthesis of Body, Spirit, Disease and Healer

This paper intends to explore the rich traditions of the indigenous Chakma medicine, focusing on the concept of health and illness, causes and treatment of illnesses and diseases. A detailed account of the Chakma healers and their diagnosis process is also described. This study is a product of an ethnographic research conducted among the Chakma people in the Chittagong Hill Tracks (CHT) of Bangladesh and Chawngte of Mizoram in India. The main methods of data collection involve the observation and unstructured interviews. A BOIDDOH OR AN OJHA occupies a respectable position in the traditional healthcare system of the Chakma communities of Mizoram in India and Chittagong in Bangladesh. The contributions made by the traditional healers Boiddoh or Ojha are appreciated. Villagers in far-off places are still living on their traditional medicine. The magico-religious performances for the treatment of different illnesses are also studied. This paper seeks rational answers to these intriguing matters regarding the geographical location and common illnesses encountered by the people of Chakmas.