A Study on the Variations in Menarcheal Age among the Meitei, Muslim and Kabui Populations of Manipur Valley

This paper attempts to analyse the variation of Menarcheal age among the Meitei, Muslim and Kabui populations of Manipur Valley. The sample of each population consists of 300 women. In women’s life, menarche marks the beginning of sexual maturation and is influenced by various factors like – biological and genetic factors, socio-economic, environmental, and nutritional factors. In general menarcheal age varies from one population to another. Thus, this paper also aims to compare the mean age of menarche available from different ethnic groups of Manipur. The present study reports that mean age at menarche among the Meitei women is 14.11 ± 0.10 years, 13.81 ± 0.09 years among the Muslim and 14.71 ± 0.09 among the Kabui women. The findings of the present study revealed that mean age at menarche occur earliest among the Muslims and latest among the Kabuis, while that of the Meitei, lies in the middle. As per ‘t’ tests, significant differences have been observed in all the three populations at 5% level. Significantly, it may be noted that a homogenous distribution of menarcheal age has been noted among the Meitei, the Aimol and the Kom tribes, whereas the Muslims show significant differences from all the three populations.