Change and Continuity: An Ethnographic Perspective of the Sagra Misawa Festival of the Tiwas In Assam

A festival is the culmination of an ethnic group’s collective way of expressing its beliefs, values, and emotions via ritual and performance. The Tiwa’s, like other ethnic groups in Assam, have made important contributions to the state’s social and cultural fabric, and they, too, observe a number of festivals and observances throughout the year to mark these occasions. The Sagra Misawa is one of the major festivals celebrated by the Tiwa’s in Assam. This research looks at how the celebration has changed over the years and how many cultural aspects of this significant celebration have evolved. It places a premium on researching the connection between the festival’s significance as a public event and the effect it has on people’s lives today. From a gendered perspective, this study also examines the various contributions made by men and women to the festival. Despite the changes brought about by modernity, the research shows that fostering a strong sense of ethnic identity among the Tiwa is still of paramount importance.