Composite Index of Anthropometric Failure among Preschool Children under ICDS of Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal, India -3 and -4

One among five children under five years are stunted. There are 149.2 million and 45.4 million preschool children are stunted and wasted respectively. According to the Global Hunger Index report 2022, India ranked 107th among 121 countries having serious hunger level. The present study analyses the Composite index of Anthropometric failure (CIAF) and Z score to assess the nutritional condition of among preschool children under 6 years old of ICDS of Maynaguri Block, Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal. Two anthropometric variables i.e., height and weight were measured from 607 (boys: 301and girls: 306) children and stunting, wasting, underweight and CIAF were calculated. There is a significant mean of height between different age groups where F= 483.62; p<0.0001. There is also a significant mean difference of weight between different age groups F= 170.32; p<0.0001. Age and sex specific maximum prevalence of wasting among 5 years old girls (37.7 %), stunting among 2 years old girls (29.57 %), underweight among 2 years old boys (44.44%) and CIAF among 2 years old boys (59.72 %) was observed. Prevalence of under nutrition according to NCHS standard, current study found that wasting 28.82 %, stunting 19.76 % and underweight 36.57 % respectively. Prevalence of undernutrition using the Composite Index of Anthropometric Failure observed 46.62 % of the studied sample. The Composite index of anthropometric failure of the present study is higher than those of the Kashmiri children, children of Raipur & Santal children from West Bengal.