Ethnomedicinal Knowledge and Practices: A Study among the Khamtis of Assam

Ethnomedicine refers to the traditional healing system which is closely related to nature
and indigenous knowledge of people. Indigenous knowledge is characterised by the fact that it
is oral and exists only in the minds of the people. It is shared through generations to generations
orally. Documenting ethnomedicines as an integral part of indegenous knowledge system is
an important task. Tribal population are well known for having a close relationship with the
nature. Khamti people are no exception to that. They are aware of the ways of healing that
can be avail locally. In the present time, when people rely mostly on modern healthcare system,
ethnomedicines show a different way out to the diseases. This paper attempts to document the
ethnomedicinal knowledge and practices of the Khamti tribe of Assam which include their
ethno-zoologic, ethno-botanic and supernatural practices to follow the healing system.