Healing System and the Contribution of Traditional Herbalists to the Bru Community in Mizoram

The health care system in India is famous for its dynamics with its sources of medicine and treatment systems. The healing system in different rural communities consists of Shamanistic healing and traditional herbal medicine. The Bru communities settled in Mizoram, India, use indigenous herbal medicine due to various transportation issues, affordability and accessibility to modern health care services. This study examines the types of healers present and their healing mechanisms for different purposes of community life, including illnesses and diseases using the lens of anthropological, historical and sociological perspectives. Methodologically, it is an ethnographic study that emphasized the in-depth interview sessions of the herbalists in five villages in the Mamit district of Mizoram. The study was conducted for 10 months in 2019 and 2022. However, a worry about losing such traditional knowledge has started already. There is a considerable gap in the traditional knowledge of medicine between the younger and older generations.