Health after Menopause: A Study on Anthropometric Measurements and their Relationship to Postmenopausal Health among the Tribal Mishing Women of Guwahati City, Assam

Menopause just like birth and death is an inevitable part of a woman’s life. This event is significant as it is believed to have a substantial impact on a woman’s life. The objective of this paper is to assess the age-specific variance in anthropometric measurements and adiposity levels among tribal post-menopausal women. The study was conducted in the Guwahati City of Assam. Observation and interview with pre-tested schedule and anthropometric measurements with the standard technique and spss were used for collecting and analyzing the data. The findings show that, 64.4% of the post-menopausal women were found to be normal (BMI: 18.5-22.9 kg/m2), 27.7% of the respondents were at the increased risk of adiposity (BMI:23.0-27.5 kg/m2) and 4.0% belonged to category grade I obesity or higher risk of adiposity (BMI:>27.5 kg/m2), whereas another 4% were underweight (BMI:<18.5 kg/m2). Regarding WHR, 39.0% of the post-menopausal women were at high risk, 36.4% belonged to moderate risk and 24.6% at low risk. The relative risks of co-morbidity related to excess adiposity were also quite high among the Mishing post-menopausal women.