Issues of Tribal Development in Arunachal Pradesh: The Case of the Nyishi Tribe

The paper focuses on the perspectives of sustainable development among the Nyishis of Kurung Kumey district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh who have the status of a Scheduled Tribe but are somewhat deprived of the benefits of development even after India’s economic reforms. The study reveals that Nyishis living in remote and inaccessible villages have remained neglected over the years due to the following three main reasons: firstly, the benefits of development do not reach these remote villages due to their distant and isolated location; secondly, the administration of these villages is in the hands of political/panchayat leaders which is more concerned with the collection of petty amount without doing anything good for the people, and in the process, the needs and concerns of the people often get neglected. Thirdly, there is a lack of proper execution of the developmental works by the government agencies/officials, due to which initiated work is stuck on the way. The paper attempts to raise the conceptual issues and constraints of post-reformation development programmes resulting in the obscured and neglect of the people in the process of development.