The relationship between the diet of a mother and the wellbeing of a fetus and an infant continues to be a matter of great importance despite uncertainty and controversy because of various dimensions attached to it. The current study was undertaken to reveal the association between maternal nutrition and foetal growth parameters. A total of 455 ultrasound observations from 229 respondents were collected using a Prospective Observational Cohort Mixed Longitudinal study design in second and last trimester of pregnancy from one private and two government hospitals in Pune, India where direct interviews were conducted to find out dietary habits and practices apart from 24-hour diet recall survey and Food frequency questionnaire. The result shows positive correlation between Nuts and Oil Seeds & FL; Meat and Poultry & BPD and negative correlation between Phosphorus & HC; Riboflavin & HC; New Iron & HC; New Iron & AC; Old Iron & HC; Sodium & HC; Sodium & AC; Moisture & HC; Mineral & HC; Fiber & HC; Copper & AC; Condiments and Spices & W@B. The study might help with dietary recommendations by medical practitioners to improve the foetal and maternal health.