India is the world’s largest democratic and secular country and has diversified religious, socio-cultural, and ethnic communities. North East India has been the abode of diverse ethnic groups. Assam has around 23 scheduled tribes and the Mech Kachari are one of them. Though there have been mentioned pieces of evidence in various texts and scriptures, there are not much data in the form of books and journals available on the Mech Kachari’s. Mech Kachari has faced several problems such as changes and transformation and has also gone through the phase of an identity crisis. In the pages of history, there has been mention of the Mech Kachari’s but there were no written works on the Mech Kachari’s. For this paper, oral history is used. Secondary data from books, journals were used. The sample size was 20 people. The objective of this research was to look into the rich history of the Mech Kachari’s and their evolution throughout the years. And, also looks into the present position of the Mech Kachari’s in Assam.