Relationship between Poverty and Child Abuse in the Slums of Charbagh Area, Lucknow. An Anthropological Perspective

This study is based on the data collected from 7 slum communities located in the Charbagh area of Lucknow city during the month of February 2018. A sample of 125 households which included a total of 300 children was selected via Random Sampling method. This study was conducted with following aims and objectives: to understand the multiple dimensions of the issue in discussion i.e. Child abuse through an anthropological perspective and suggesting possible solutions to curb the identifiable problem pertaining to the study area. All the respondents were interviewed intensively, along with it observation, case study and photography technology were used extensively. Internet records, NGO records, Newspaper, etc. Were the secondary source of data. The in-depth fieldwork was followed by scientific analysis and data representation using graph and charts and the following conclusions are made on that data alone. When we say “abuse” it does not mean only sexual but also physical, mental and cases of neglectance. After conducting our study we have identified poverty as the major cause along with its four direct consequence, they are: poor milieu, improper family planning poor socio-economic conditions, which resulted in physical neglectance, medical neglectance and educational neglectance, and illiteracy among parents.