Sexual Behaviour among the Injecting Drug Users of Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has been placed amongst the highest ranking states in terms of drug and substance use in the National Survey of 2019. Risky sexual behaviours are considered to be associated with an increasing use of drugs. The main objective of the study is to examine the intersection between injecting drug use and sexual behaviour and to assess the level of knowledge of HIV/AIDS among the injecting drug-using youths of Arunachal Pradesh. The data for the present study was collected on a structured questionnaire from a sample of 1000 youth from four study areas purposively selected. A significant number of them (14%) have reported or perceived to be injecting drug users. The cross-tabulation and Pearson Chi-square test is performed to test significant association between the variables. The results show that there is a high prevalence of risky sexual and injecting behaviours and poor level of knowledge on HIV/AIDS. A statistically significant association is established between the variables of drug use and risky sexual behaviours. However, delineating the direct causal relationship between drug use and sexual behaviour is considered to be a complex one, because a wide variety of socio-cultural and psychological factors influenced it. The paper concludes with the suggestion that future social research needs to focus on examining the social interaction and social relations of drug use and sexual activity.