The Food Habits, Dietary Patterns, and Reproductive Health Status of The Agariya Women of Patrapali Panchayat of Korba District, Chhattisgarh

Women’s health is the foundation of society’s health. Preserving and improving women’s health is not only a basic human right, but it is also essential for the health of all nations. Reproductive health has become one of the major issues today because of the fact that population control policies are being enforced through women’s bodies as they are seen as the cause and solution for population growth and alarmingly increasingly the problem of HIV and AIDS in India. The main purpose of this study was to understand the nature of various sexual and reproductive health issues like knowledge and perception, and health services available to, and accessed by tribal women in Korba District of Chhattisgarh. It was clear from the study that most of the tribal women have poor knowledge about reproductive health as well as they were unaware of its importance. Education on human sexuality with all the aspects, prevention, and treatment of STDs and AIDS is a direct necessity among tribal women to help them reduce high-risk behavior to seek proper treatment for treatable ailments.