The Representation of “Otherness” in Moroccan Arabic Proverbs and Jokes. The Case of Imazighen

Coexisting with the ‘other’ and tolerating their differences is one of the most striking issues upon which one’s safety, social stability and well-being are based. Numerous are theories that approach the concept of alterity from multilayered perspectives; their main concern is to find out some socio-psychological interpretations to people’s representations of the “other” versus “the self” within the same society. This said, the Moroccan society witnesses the circulation of a set of stereotypical proverbs and jokes referring to Moroccan Imazighen as a different “other”. Such representations embedded with prejudices and discrimination may unveil new terrains of hatred, social conflicts among groups and open up a wide gap between, at least, two dichotomies the most favored and privileged identities versus the less favored and primitive ones. Accordingly, this paper would explore the notion of alterity as it is represented in a corpus of Moroccan Arabic proverbs and jokes from the eyes of two theories: The Self categorization theory and The social identity.