Assessment of health system responsiveness in Suryapet district health facilities: beneficiary perspectives

The evaluation of the effectiveness of a healthcare system depends on several factors,
including the quality of the services provided and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries with the
system. Health system responsiveness (HSR) is a multidimensional concept that is assessed in
different areas. Even today, HSR remains an important benchmark for evaluating health
systems worldwide. The aim of this study is to assess health system responsiveness in primary
health facilities in Suryapet. All FGD participants cited overcrowding as a communication
barrier that has developed. Cultural influences are the other problem with communication.
Lack of knowledge limits the choice of healthcare provider. According to FGD participants,
there is usually no barrier between the patient’s family and government hospitals, so access is
easy. The responsiveness of the healthcare system needs to be improved in all areas. However,
the study found that human dignity and confidentiality are respected.