Eating behavior and nutritional status of the tribal population in India: An overview

A healthy existence depends on adequate nutrition, which is a basic human need. As a result of their economic, social and cultural activities, indigenous peoples have different dietary habits that vary throughout the world. The nutritional status of tribal groups is inadequate because they do not know about their food and the nutrients associated with it. Numerous factors influence their knowledge, including their level of education and their proximity to government institutions. However, they also have a strong traditional knowledge about their environment, food availability, health problems, etc. This paper is based on some studies and articles dealing with the traditional knowledge and food habits of the tribal groups. It also deals with the food available to the people in different places, the nutrients they get, their impact on health and the risk factors arising from nutritional deficiency. It also covers the details of research publications that have been published and analysed by specific time periods, groups and areas. The current review includes data from the research articles available on Google Scholar, Pub Med and J-Store. According to the research papers, we can say that the tribal community has a distinct knowledge about the availability of food in their environment.