On the Occurrences of Microliths near Begunkodor and Jhalida towns, Purulia, Eastern India: A Brief Report

The region at the foot of the Ajodhya hills in the Purulia district of West Bengal is considered to be one of the richest places in eastern India where evidence of microlithic cultures has been found. Some of the oldest dated microlithic sites in India are located in this part of Bengal. The present study presents the results of a recent archaeological survey of a 46 square kilometre area in the northwestern part of the Ajodhya foothills of Purulia, adjacent to the towns of Begunkodor and Jhalida. Three new microlithic sites were discovered during this exploration and are reported here along with the Quaternary stratigraphic contexts. In addition, preliminary observations of the microlithic artefacts recovered from these three new sites are discussed. The results of this study suggest that these newly discovered microlithic sites may provide new opportunities for more intensive studies in this region in the future.