Somatotypes of adolescent Pnar girls of Jaintia Hills districts of Meghalaya

Adolescence is the time when human biology is changing rapidly, so the changes in physique during this phase are quite obvious. The present study was conducted among 289 Pnar girls aged 10-18 years living in Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya to assess the variation in somatotypes among Pnar girls during adolescence. An attempt was made to include all the girls who were willing to cooperate in the sample to obtain a sufficient sample size. The Heath-Carter anthropometric somatotype method was used. The anthropometric measurements were carried out using standard techniques. The results of the present study showed that the mean somatotype of Pnar girls was endomorphy 3.08, mesomorphy 3.79 and ectomorphy 2.35. Mesomorphy was the most dominant at 41%, followed by endomorphy at 34% and ectomorphy at 25%. The study also shows that the somatotypes in the present study change with increasing age.