Pottery is a tangible evidence like any other archaeological find, it throws light on sociocultural, religious, economic aspect of past cultures/civilizations. It is a very important source for the reconstruction of Pre-history when written records are not available and even during historical times its importance does not diminish. With the help of pottery, archaeologists could unlock many secrets of the past, which would otherwise have remained unknown. During the course of exploration, a huge amount of potsherds were collected from sites in the region of the present study which helped determine the different cultural periods. The main ceramic industries found in the area include Ghaggar-Hakra (Pre-Harappan), Early Harappan, Mature Harappan, Late Harappan, Painted Grey Ware (PGW), Historical and Medieval. It is useful to review briefly the characteristic features and chronological sequence of the ceramics found in the study area in order to put the cultural sequence of the study area in a proper perspective. Some sites of the adjoining region were also explored and some good pottery specimens were included in the present study.