Netnography as a Research Method in the age of AI and IoT — Trends in India

Netnography has been there in the social science stream since 1995 but is mostly used only for market and consumer research. Kozinets (2007) defined Netnography as ‘doing ethnographic research online or on digital networks and also as a combination of internet and ethnography’. The objectives of this study is to understand the current trends & future of digital space of India and an extensive analysis of existing Netnographic studies in India. The study reflects that the digital space and digital users are growing with high penetration rate along with the popularity of 4Gs and Smartphones in India. Research findings further reveal that there exists a substantial gap between the scope of Netnographic studies and the size of the overall Indian digital space, virtual networks/SNSs and number of digital users. Also, there are only a few disciplines currently promoting Netnography as a serious research method in India.