Racism in International Cricket: A Review of Selected Incidents from Media Reports

The present study aimed to provide a qualitative analysis of the racist incidents of in international cricket, as reported by online and offline newspapers. Website blogs and journal articles were reviewed for a better understanding of the issue. The study highlights the nature and the forms of racism levied against the recipients. It highlights the players’ experiences of racism as reported by the different reliable media sources and examines the marginalization from the recipient’s perspective. The study revealed that the racist behaviour is usually directed towards the people of colour, and the0 people belonging to different ethnicities, religious groups and nationalities. Racism prevails on the cricket field and outside- in dressing rooms, locker rooms, cricket clubs etc. Some racial incidents that occurred in IC were of implicit racial bias and unconscious racism. From Krom Hendricks racial segregation to Azeem Rafiq’s accusation of ‘institutional racism’ racism is still a pervasive problem in the IC. Although ICC and various national cricket boards have formulated and reinforced anti-racist laws yet more stringent enforcement is required to counter the blatant and subtle forms of racism including racial slurs, banters and casual racism.