Education and Economic Profile of the Gunagi Community of Uttara Kannada, District, Karnataka, India

Historically when Karnataka was stretched towards the west, the Gunagi community migrated from Maharashtra (Ratnagiri) region towards the coastal line of Karnataka with “Habbu Brahmins.” Especially towards Karwar, Ankola, Yellapur, and Kumta taluks. Gunagi are priest, Farmers and farm labourers. Out of four taluks 140 households and 550 the cluster sampling technique followed by simple random sampling was chosen to select people from households from the talukas of Karwar, Kumta, Ankola and Yellapur. Out of 140 households 67.1% of people are earning 50000 rupees per year, remaining 33% annual income and expenditure is more than Rs. 50,000. The analysis of these conditions imply that there is a need of governmental and non-governmental organisation to increase the awareness of opportunities in education. Further through skill development, awareness of entrepreneurship and funding into the priority sectors of this community, the community can see the better economic parameters and youngsters can avail higher education.