An assessment of the nutritional knowledge of mothers and the nutritional status of children: a cross-sectional study among the tribal population of the Kamrup (Rural) district, Assam

This study involved 56 tribal mothers with children aged 1-5 years from three villages in Boko block, Kamrup (Rural) district, Assam, aiming to evaluate their knowledge of child nutrition. It also examined the sources of their nutrition information. Data was collected via questionnaires and interviews. Results showed that only 21.43% of mothers had high nutritional knowledge, while 58.93% had average, and 19.64% had poor knowledge. Children of mothers with poor knowledge showed higher rates of wasting, stunting, and being underweight. Over half of the mothers relied on family for nutrition information. Maternal knowledge positively impacted children’s nutritional status. Community involvement in health initiatives is crucial for combating child malnutrition.