Deconstructing the Racism of the Corona Virus through the Lens of Anthropology

The coronavirus pandemic originated in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and swiftly spread worldwide, resulting in 1,813,811 deaths in 2020 and approximately 3,000,000 excess deaths. Amidst this crisis, Asians with Mongoloid features faced wrongful psychological and physical abuse globally due to unfounded accusations of spreading the virus. This discrimination extended to North Eastern Mongoloids in India, who suffered harassment from their compatriots. Interestingly, some Indians perpetrating such abuse within their country have themselves faced racial discrimination abroad, blamed for the spread of the Delta variant. This examination will explore the forms, nature, and scope of such racial harassment against Asian Mongoloids globally and North Eastern Mongoloids in India, drawing from various sources. It will critically analyze ethnocentric racial profiling, particularly of Mongoloid individuals, through the lens of biological diversity and the socio-cultural framework of critical cultural relativism.