Estimation Of Stature Among Bengali Adolescents Using Arm Span And Arm Length: An Observational Study From North Bengal (West Bengal, India)

Estimating stature from various body parts is crucial in forensic and medico-legal fields, especially for identification. Arm span is a reliable indicator of stature. This study aimed to estimate stature from arm span and right arm length in Bengali adolescents aged 11-17. The study included 400 adolescents (194 boys, 206 girls) in a community-based cross-sectional study. SPSS (v. 26) was used for statistical analysis. Significant sexual dimorphism was noted in all anthropometric measures. A strong positive correlation existed between height and arm span (boys r=0.940, girls r=0.861, combined r=0.925), and height and arm length (boys r=0.902, girls r=0.740, combined r=0.865). Regression equations for stature estimation were created for both genders and the combined dataset. Arm span and arm length are reliable predictors of stature in Bengali adolescents.