Finger and Palmar Dermatoglyphics patterns of the Ahom population of Assam

This research aims to decipher the digital and palmar dermatoglyphic patterns among the Ahom community in Assam’s Lakhimpur district. It examines the sexual dimorphism in the dermatoglyphic characteristics of the population’s fingers. Additionally, it compares current results with those from other ethnic groups previously studied to evaluate group heterogeneity. The study relies on the finger and palm prints of 100 Ahom individuals (50 males and 50 females) from Lakhimpur, using established dermatographic techniques. The male Ahom display a ‘Mongoloid’ ethnic affinity according to the Dankmeijer index, while the female samples slightly exceed the Mongoloid threshold. Both genders exhibit a broad variation in the pattern intensity index, characteristic of Mongoloid populations. A more comprehensive study with a larger sample size is crucial for a thorough understanding of all dermatoglyphic features related to ethnic diversity.