The Gaddis, a renowned nomadic tribe from the Himalayas, reside in Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba and Kangra districts, traversing the Dhaula Dhar range. Their migrations, echoing Lord Shiva’s pattern, lead them to Lahaul’s high pastures in summer and to Himachal Pradesh’s borders in winter. They pay grazing taxes to the Forest Department in summer and to the local panchayat for forest use in winter. Interviews with 42 herders revealed their challenges in adapting to modern times. Despite collecting insights from various department representatives, it’s clear that globalization affects the Gaddis just as it does the wider world, pushing the community away from ancestral customs towards new professions and a stationary way of life. While they cherish their heritage, they hesitate to pass this legacy to future generations. This study highlights the Gaddi pastoralists’ current struggles and their shift from nomadism to a settled existence.