Unmasking Injustice: A Comprehensive Review of Violence Against Women in India

Violence against women in India encompasses a range of abuses, including physical, sexual, and psychological harm. This analysis aims to shed light on the issue within India’s patriarchal society, where such abuse has become normalized. Despite laws aimed at protecting women, their status often remains unchanged, highlighting the global crisis of violence against women as a grave human rights violation. Constitutional equality notwithstanding, Indian women still encounter significant obstacles, evidenced by rising violence rates. Discrimination, subjugation, and exploitation contribute to various violent acts against women. Crimes like rape and domestic violence persist, despite existing laws. This review also examines dowry issues, acid attacks, and eve-teasing, attributing them to gender bias, educational deficits, inadequate legal awareness, media influences, and financial instability. It suggests prevention strategies such as advocating for women’s rights, enhancing education, strengthening legal systems, and empowering women. Raising awareness among women is crucial, enabling them to assert their rights and seek justice when violated.